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Absolutely great--your latest clip on You-Tube about the Bogart system. Bogart has come along way since the classic with those removable drives and floppy disc software.
Years ago, every video store dealer sold the Casablanca, then, lightning struck & everybody seem to switch to Final Cut, Edius and other platforms. Then problems arrived. Nobody ever seems to get it right with other platforms.I love the freedom of Bogart. Love the layout.We all need a nice guy like you to keep it ahead of other edit systems. You do brilliant work.

Thanks Joel,

Nigel Lewis

From the Netherlands. 

I recently decided to upgrade my Casablanca S4100 with Bogart 8 and Arabesk 7. Made the software purchase from Joel. Had some issues but he was "there for me" throughout the duration of the upgrade process, even making multiple telephone checks to insure I was making the desired progress. That's the kind of service I am sure you expect your dealers to give their customers, and Joel "goes the extra mile" in my opinion. Just wanted you to know.

Cordially, Rod Duchesne

Creative professional, proficient and artistic videographer, and video editor. Experienced and highly skilled in photo-journalistic or documentary-style videography. Wide array of professional and broadcast video camera types and configurations, including full-size studio pedestal rigs, ENG/EFP cameras, and Jib camera rigs. Various lighting techniques are used in professional video production while utilizing proper color temperature and filtering procedures. Storytelling and creative post-production techniques. Sharp eye for composition and smooth, fluid camera movement, proper iris and shutter speed settings, and other perimeters for professional results.


I have produced professional video content for respected businesses including: Heim BBQ; Honda of Fort Worth; Trey Johnson Ministries; Dr. Novak-Beacon Dentistry; Weatherford Regional Medical Center; Veronamarble; WFAA-TV 8-ABC affiliate in Dallas, Texas; NBC; Weatherford College; PECOFacet Manufacturing; United Way; Manfrotto Distribution; churches; and professional organizations both large and small.


 As a Videographer/Producer/Editor, My company has a leading role in cutting edge production design and innovative technology and continually embraces evolving technology to deepen the creative workflow for my customers. 

I have been in the commercial, media production industry for 34 years. I founded my company, Moments in Time Video Productions, in 1993, and have independently acquired business contracts, and produced marketing-video ads, testimonials, websites, DVD authoring and duplication, TV commercials, corporate meetings, special events, to name a few. 

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As always you do a AWESOME Job!!!!

Charles Tucker

Joel, this is without a doubt the finest video I have seen from MIT Video Production. I am sure they are very pleased at WCS with the quality of the production and the INSPIRING testimony of the children, parents and staff. Great great work!


Great job Joel with the WCS video and this critique comes with 25 years of producing videos myself. You've come a long way and deserve to be called a professional movie maker.

Bob Kryzak

Really well done.. I like the moving graphics you put at the end.. summing up everything.. Very nice.. very elaborate. This is the result of a lot of hard work.


Good job Joel, if anyone asked me if I know someone who can " do it all" and make a good professional production, your name Joel Brooks MIT video will be at the top of my list.


Joel you have risen to another level.. this is exceptional!!!!!!!!!!!

J Mcay

Great song... tells a wonderful story... also beautifully shot and edited! Nice pacing and coloring, interesting music video.


This is fantastic Joel!

Lisa Flowers,


East Parker County Chamber of Commerce